Meet the Band


Madison is a power house vocalist, who was a top 20 finalist on X Factor Australia, lead vocalist for Royal Caribbean Cruise lines (USA), and participated in the Eurovision song contest in Portugal. Madison is a standout vocalist who has performed at several luxury Hotels such as, The Mulia (Bali, Indonesia), Crowne Plaza Hotel (Shenzhen, China), and the Shangri – La Hotel (China and Indonesia).

This pocket rocket captures the whole audience with her dynamic and energetic stage presence, she knows how to get the party started! Madison has performed on the corporate scene overseas for several events such as, Microsoft (Cappadocia, Turkey), Mardi Gras (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and British womens association annual Ball (Jakarta, Indonesia).

DaranRhythm Guitar

Daran hails as one of the Saccharo creationists, doubles as the town headache, bad influence and is all too often told you are too loud. Coming from a background in heavy pop rock, his style is in his opinion, simple, yet extremely effective delivering a drive of rock ballads, wailing duelling guitars and an overwhelming belief in his theory that there’s always room for a guitar solo.

To Daran, delay and distortion skip hand-in-hand down a parkway of sleeveless shirts, skinny jeans and tattoos. A self proclaimed front man, you’ll find him eyeballing the front row fans, dirty dancing with his Strat and putting on a show with some of the most talented muso’s in the live music scene.


Keyboardist, a man of class, style and soul, Jon Copley always providing a confident, fun and powerful energy to stage and performance. Music and the arts are embedded in Jon’s DNA. He is a proud Brisbane boy with the charisma to light up any room he walks in.

Jon’s background to playing music is mostly rooted in pop/rock performances. Growing up with a local Brisbane band, Jon played every weekend at every live music venue in the city. His key musical influences are the likes of Herbie Hancock, Tower of Power, Eric Clapton and pretty much any 70’s soul and funk musician.

AriLead Guitar

Ari was raised by a family of musicians and found inspiration for the Guitar at a young age watching his uncle passionately persuade a fender stratocaster to scream classic riffs from the 1980s. Ari’s inspirations include Steve Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa, Derek Trucks and Gary Clark Junior.

Using the tools and rules from these classic blues heroes Ari brings a bright and old school groove to Saccharo that is sure to get those air-guitarists moving.


Lachie is a bassist that prefers to be heard. Defying the traditional vibe of the brooding, one-string-wonder archetype of the garage band bass player, Lachie builds the bones of Saccharo’s groove-laden sounds with vibrant, soul-filling riffs that command audience attention and incite shameless boogie.

His eclectic style is inspired by a colourful palette of artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tame Impala, Daft Punk, Earth, Wind and Fire and Rage Against The Machine. When he’s not ‘slappin’ da bass’, Lachie takes to the mic and sings back-up vocals (when the band lets him!).


The heartbeat, the pocket of groove, love and enthusiasm of Saccharo. Brisbane Born, Danny Z began playing drums as a young boy, learning from watching his father on the drums. Soon after, through his later teens and early twenties he played in original rock, pop and funk bands and playing drums with local solo artists all over the east coast of Australia. Throughout the years, he was able to record various studio EP’s and singles with the various band and artist line ups.

With a desire for a new project and a bigger band sound, in 2017, Danny was one of the founding members of Saccharo. His biggest music influences include Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Earth Wind & Fire, Kool & the Gang, Phil Collins, The Police, Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Santana and Fleetwood Mac. Every now and then, the band lets him get off the drums and have a boogie and shake his groovething up front.